Hi Richard,

On 09/29/2013 07:28 AM, Richard Hainsworth wrote:
> Some suggestions about documentation.
> Originally the Synopses were implementation oriented sumaries of the 
> previous description base Apocalypses. That meant that the Synopses were 
> derivative and secondary to the Apocalypses
> However, the Synopses are now primary specification and the Apocalypses 
> have only historical significance. Also there are more Synopses than 
> Apocalypses.
> I suggest the introductory paragraphs to the Synopses are changed to 
> reflect this.

A good idea. Please do it!

The page you're probably think of is in the perl6/mu repo on github in
the file docs/feather/syn_index.html. If you have a github user name,
please tell me, and I can give you commit access.


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