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  Commit: 0b7df09ecc096eed5dc30f3dbdf568bbfd9de8f6
  Author: Larry Wall <>
  Date:   2013-12-28 (Sat, 28 Dec 2013)

  Changed paths:
    M S02-bits.pod
    M S04-control.pod
    M S05-regex.pod
    M S06-routines.pod
    M S11-modules.pod
    M S12-objects.pod
    M S29-functions.pod
    M S32-setting-library/Exception.pod
    M S99-glossary.pod

  Log Message:
  rename eval to EVAL to indicate specialness

EVAL must have a special relationship with the compiler, so don't
pretend it's a normal function/method.  We aren't capitalizing it
because it's a "come from" as most phasers are, but because it's
an escape hatch macro that is mostly there to compensate for an
insufficiently imaginative language designer.

Resolves #50.

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