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  Commit: 24373dc4ddedc05b6ddac603e03343931c720b4c
  Author: Elizabeth Mattijsen <>
  Date:   2014-02-03 (Mon, 03 Feb 2014)

  Changed paths:
    M S02-bits.pod
    M S05-regex.pod

  Log Message:
  Rename .ast method to .made

This makes much more sense when paired with "make".  It also makes the generic
examples of make that jnthn++ used in his

(slide #24 and following) much more sensible to naive, or even experienced
Perl 6 users.  Perhaps the .ast method should be kept as a synonym for .made,
and may even have a check for AST-nodeness added, to give it additional
implicit documentational value in the Perl 6 internals.

Please note that this has bugged me since the Rakudo and NQP Internals workshop
last September.  It came back to me in full force after seeing jnthn++'s talk.

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