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> I have a fairly simple question regarding the feasibility of using grammars 
> with commonly used biological data formats.
> My main question: if I wanted to parse() or subparse() vary large files (not 
> unheard of to have FASTA/FASTQ or other similar data files exceed 100’s of 
> GB) would a grammar be the best solution?  For instance, based on what I am 
> reading the semantics appear to be greedy; for instance:
>     Grammar.parsefile($file)
> appears to be a convenient shorthand for:
>     Grammar.parse($file.slurp)
> since Grammar.parse() works on a Str, not a IO::Handle or Buf.  Or am I 
> misunderstanding how this could be accomplished?

My understanding is it is intended that parsing can work on Cats
(hypothetical lazy strings) but this hasn't been implemented yet

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