Hi all,

Just a short message to let you know that the server(s) known as
"feather" will be shut down, permanently, 2015-03-31.

All data will be deleted, so if there's anything in your home dir that
you still want to have, get it now.

If you have any DNS records pointing to any of these addresses, please
remove them, because the IP addresses may be repurposed:

- 2a02:2308:10::f:1
- 2a02:2308:10::f:2
- 2a02:2308:10::f:3
- 2a02:2308:10::f:*
- 2a02:2308:10::f:*:*

Feather has been online since 2005. There's a new server, run by Moritz
Lenz. If you want access to the new server, read about signing up at

I'm sending this to perl6-language, because that's where the original
feather announcement was posted.
Met vriendelijke groet, // Kind regards, // Korajn salutojn,

Juerd Waalboer  <ju...@tnx.nl>

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