A couple years ago I wrote a little Perl6 in response to a challenge,
and it took me a while to figure out BUILD, BUILDALL, and new().
Learning the object model meant reading what was available on the web
plus some time on the #perl6 IRC channel. I managed to get it all
working properly for my little code, but it didn't make complete sense
to me until later when I did a Perl5 project with Moose. Moose's
cookbooks, examples, and documentation explained the concepts &
implementation a few different ways. Moose borrowed a lot from Perl6,
and it helped me understand the why's & how's of Perl6.

Alas, Perl6's "distributed docs" is a known issue (so much to write!).
As an illustration, this thread got me curious as to these .+ and .*
operators and Perl6's "TEARDOWN", so I searched for "perl6 object
teardown". The first link I clicked from that search was
http://doc.perl6.org/language/objects - which is a great intro - but
it doesn't mention teardown/destruction, nor these operators. "perl6
object +teardown" didn't seem to return any user-facing docs at all,
other than "Apocalypses" which are not current. Searching for "perl6
object destroy" shows me that it is implemented via
http://perl6.org/compilers/features - with no links to spec or code.

I enjoy reading these explanations as to how these operators are
useful, and the example referencing TEARDOWN, can they go into some
documentation for future readers? In a context to help me see how they
fit? Or is there already a doc that I'm not seeing in my searches?


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