Dear fellow revellers in the dawning Golden Age of Perl 6,

I just had a colleague contact me, to express their surprise that Perl 6
does not rate a mention in:

The Perl 6 community (and Larry in particular) has already done an
incredible job raising Perl 6's profile on, but the
language still seems under-represented on Wikipedia, especially on
the various pages describing different language paradigms.

As Perl 6 is now the pre-eminent example of the imperative,
declarative, functional, parallel, concurrent, pipelined, vector,
object-oriented, aspect-oriented, reactive, introspective, and
metaprogramming paradigms, surely it should be mentioned
on all those wiki pages?

Yeah, I know: "Thanks for volunteering!". I can't at present, but I
didn't want this important observation, or the opportunity it
represents, to be lost, just because it was initially directed at
someone who's currently drowning in other commitments.

So I thought I'd mention it here, in the hope that someone else
who is looking for a slightly unusual way to contribute to Perl 6
might find the suggestion worth considering.


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