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> Does not being defined on Any explain why the error for @input.map( .Str )
> is different (Use of uninitialized value $_ of type Any in string context)
> than the error for @input.map( .Num ) (Method 'Num' not found for
> invocant of class 'Any'), but both*.Str and *.Num work in the .map?
Yes. Without the *, it's doing $_.Str or $_.Num when $_ is the one
*outside* the map call, which has no current value (and so is (Any)); in
the Str case it is invoking Any.Str and failing on the undefined value, in
the Num case it can't find the method for Any. With the *, it's a closure
and applies to the $_ current for each iteration of map; the invocant is a
defined Str.

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