I think this is a fine place, personally. Past discussions have included
these high points as I recall them:

   1. Perl is definitely the family name
   2. Rakudo started out as the name of an implementation, but started to
   wander into being the name of the specific leaf in the family tree
   3. Problem is that that leaves us uncertain of the status of
   non-Rakudo-the-implementation implementations. Are they now Rakudo too?
   That's confusing at best.

IMHO, 6 has always been the personal name, but it could be changed to
something that's "sixish" without being an explicit number. Normally, I'd
recommend Latin, but Perl Sex is probably not where anyone wants to go...
Roku is Japanese, but also the name of a popular device, and thus

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On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 10:41 AM, yary <not....@gmail.com> wrote:

> I recall coming across a post saying the Perl6 name is up for discussion -
> searched & found this post now https://6lang.party/post/The-
> Hot-New-Language-Named-Rakudo describes it. Is there a forum where the
> name's being discussed that I can read?
> Woke up this morning with a name proposal that seemed to have a lot going
> for it, but from that post it seems Lizmat et al have a good choice already
> & I don't want to add to bikeshedding... wondering what the thinking is
> right now.
> -y

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