Zeroing in on one point:

> > A solution might be to instead provide a pragmatic, rather than
> mathematical
> > parameter:
> >
> >     :$numbits = 64
> >
> > This would say to keep as much precision as possible while making the
> result
> > fit in 64 bits.   For example 2.147483647e0.Rat would result in
> > 2147483647/1000000000 instead of 4310/2007.
> The Num type basically has a denominator which is based on 2s, not 10s.

The proposal is more-or-less expressible as having epsilon = 2/:numbits -
presuming that the numerator and denominator are about the same size.

>From my POV the default epsilon is fine for practical use, but imprecise
enough to have this conversation come up repeatedly. Search this list for
"$epsilon = 1.0e-6 feels too big for Rat()"

How about setting the default epsilon to 1/2**32 or 1/2**64 and closing
that 2015 New Year's Eve post & this one too?


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