I have just learned of the RFC "freeze or die" deadline of 25 September 2000
(ok, I am behind on my email. :)

I am curious if this applies to any Working Groups besides perl6-language.
As chair of the Licensing Working Group, I am a bit concerned that we
haven't developed enough possible licensing proposals.  I am happy to hustle
everyone to write more RFCs and get proposals on the table, but the deadline
does seem a bit arbitrary for anything but the language design itself.

Larry, did you want to decide licensing issues by 1 October 2000 as well?

And, as for internals, it seems like that group will just get started when
the language freezes, so there doesn't seem any reason to freeze
internals-RFCs by the deadline, either.

So, it'd probably be good if we changed some of the deadlines on the various
working groups to reflect reality.  Comments?

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