Chris Nandor wrote:
>At 11:01 -0400 2000.09.22, Ben Tilly wrote:
> >Dan Sugalski wrote:
> >>Given how this looks, I'm tempted to put forth the alternative license:
> >>
> >>"The contents of this archive, except for packages in the ext/ directory
> >>explicitly marked otherwise, are placed into the public domain."
> >>
> >>But I can see how that might not fly... :)
> >
> >Heh.  One of my goals was to find a way to state what I thought
> >was the core feeling of the Artistic License in a sound way.
>The problem is that the point of having a layperson write it is so that we
>can have it in plain English.  If we are going to resort to legalese, we
>might as well let a lawyer write it, so it actually IS sound.

Please see the offered translation.

And if still you don't like the way that this layperson wrote
it, then come up with your own draft that says what you want
and sounds like what you want.  In case you didn't notice,
putting together a decent draft is a fair amount of work, and
to date I have found your input to be extremely unhelpful.

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