Chris Nandor wrote:
>At 6:02 -0400 2000.09.26, Ben Tilly wrote:
> >Dave Storrs wrote:
> >>
> >>Something that I am a little stuck is my understanding of the
> >>way Perl is currently distributed and what it all means.  I think I must
> >>be confused about something...could someone straighten me out?
> >>
> >>1) Works developed in Perl may be distributed under either the GPL or 
> >>AL, dealer's choice
> >
> >Yes.
>No.  They may be distributed under any licensing terms at all that you 

Duh, I read that as saying "from" for some stupid reason.

Note though that the "viral" clause of the GPL would prevent
you from distributing them under the GPL were Perl not
licensed under some license compatible with the GPL.  (Namely
the GPL itself.)

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