Dan Sugalski wrote:

> I'd personally like a license chosen before any code gets written in
> earnest, so that might well argue for -license to wrap up before then.
> (Whether this is an issue or not is up in the air--it depends on who's
> submitting code)

I see the point, and I actually agree that we need to wrap it up quick.

I made an effort to RFC every idea I saw fly by.  The reason the
"modifed-BSD license" proposal was added late is because someone was
supposed to write it and ran out of time at the last minute.

So, as I said in my last message, all the license ideas for Perl6' own
license are really on the table.  They might needs some tweaks for legal
reasons, but Larry could really go ahead and pick now out of what's there
(if the modified-BSD RFC is included).

However, there are going to be *ongoing* license issues that come up.  RFC
13 brings up this issue. 

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