So we're three weeks away from the end of this.  I've been thinking
about where we went right and where we went wrong (and in particular,
what I would do differently if I had it to do again).

The biggest thing is that I underestimated the volume of traffic.  I
never thought there'd be so many RFCs.  The need for RFC versioning
and status, and the structure of the RFC list should have been in
place from the get-go.

I'll never again agree to run something and go on vacation :-) That
didn't work well: the initial kerfuffle and misunderstandings could
have been headed off had I or others who were at the meeting been
around to explain things.  Then again, I did try to explain things to
people, and that didn't work either.  Perhaps some confusion and
hubbub is always going to be present, because people distrust change.

On the positive side, there are good ideas being RFCed as well as bad
ones.  And there is an end to this brainstorming phase in sight :-)
People have generally been courteous and respectful of one another,
and those who weren't became so.

Any more?  I'm keen to learn from mistakes (preferably those of
others, but my own will do in a pinch :-).


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