Nick Ing-Simmons wrote:
> I see no reason why the perforce changes cannot be 'checked in' to CVS
> one-by-one so that CVS builds its own representation of the change history.

I've got this working now in a program called 'vcp', I need to test
p4->cvs updates using the perl5 repository next week.  All revs of files changed
by @6087 are labelled ch_6087 when doing p4->cvs, for instance.

> Going the other way the issue (if my ClearCase experience is any use here)
> will be collecting the files that belong in one "change".

Yup.  Working on cvs->p4 to do that, too.

Perforce has funded this work, and we're presenting it at their user conference
next week.  More later when I have real progress on getting the perl5 repo
converted to cvs.
> I have scripts that can maintain _most_ of the meta-data between ClearCase
> and perforce, all that gets lost (as I recall) is:

I'd be very interested in VCP::Source::CC and VCP::Dest:CC modules that
would allow clearcase->any and any->clearcase copies.

- Barrie

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