1. Minimized by another culling phase after the RFC freeze

2. Minimized by the sub-working groups. You will notice that the
   discussions on the sub-groups are quite localized in people and
   discussions are limited. Some groups are noisy but what you are
   witnessing is an ongoing discussion trying to iron out the differences
   between ideas.

3. Why do you have to choose a team. Isn't this a volunteer effort. 
   Not everyone is interested in every aspect of perl. Look at how
   different folks specialized in different aspects of p5.

   Would the old IBM Chief programmer team style be appropriate?[1]

   It is hard to have multiple people turning out a _single_ module.
   Easy to have multiple patches pushed but that first piece has
   to be of a single idea.

   The "Head Pumpkin" would turn out the initial stub, control flow,
   and control structures. and then could hand out different aspects
   as volunteers turn up or ask.

   The Head Pumpkins would then be responsible to handle inter-module 

   This would funnel the changes through a single responsible eyeball. 
   And if the person is stubborn and wants his change in. Let him
   make the change and prove his method is better. And there is always
   Rule #1.[2]

[1] Are we going to keep the Ring Trilogy quotes around?
    This brought to mind "One ring to rule them, ..."

[2] Yes, Alan that is passing the buck. But it doesn't hurt
    to have it in reserve. Think of Larry as Daddy and all the kids
    running over when he comes home, He did, No he did, No he, ...)

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