On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 02:29:47PM -0400, John Porter wrote:
> No.  You can not oblige the RFC maintainer to write the prototype or
> cat-herd someone else into it.  The vast majority of RFC authors
> (myself included) would simply not be up to such an order.
> Instead, it should be the WG lead's responsibility to ensure that each
> accepted RFC gets a prototype (*EVENTUALLY*), assigning an implementor
> if necessary.

Each working group will probably want to deal with marshelling their
forces to deal with RFCs in their own way.  If the WG leader wants to
handle it, fine.  This all falls under the category of "find someone
who does".

Its all flexible.  I forgot to put my usual "there will be exceptions"
clause into the RFC.


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