J. David Blackstone writes:
>   I think the success criteria on http://dev.perl.org/pm/pos.html 
> should be more measurable.

You're right.  I was happy to have simply avoided "better" and "good",
the classic unmeasurable words :-)  I kept "faster" and "easier", two
similarly unpinnable words, though.

> >     1.Benchmarks of text processing programs show improved performance on
> perl6 over perl5.
>   Yes, but how much improved?  Is 50% in everyone's minds, or is 10%
> enough?  How much improvement is feasible?

As a first approximation to what is realistic, I'm going to put 10%
in.  Everyone's welcome to suggest better numbers.

I also said "Interpreter to make new things easy", and I think the
measurement of this will be whether new things are done or not.

> >     5.The internals API is simpler than in perl5.
>   I have no suggestions on how to measure this.  I think it needs to
> say more, though.  I haven't been following -internals, but I'd like
> to hear some of their feedback on how much simpler it's going to get.

Yes, I think I'd like the internals folks to suggest some metrics
here.  These will also function as goalposts to aim for during API
design.  I'm thinking:
 * get a few common types of extensions (wrap a function, wrap a
   library, turn structs into hashes, etc.) and have perl6's extensions
   be shorter to write than perl5's.

I don't know how to measure the internals, though.  Compare perl5
lines of code for a given function to perl6? (may be invalid due to

> >     1.perl5 is adequate for peoples' needs, and nobody wants to change to
> perl6.
>   If Damian Conway keeps throwing out these modules like Switch.pm
> that show his RFCs can happen in Perl5, and if you guys get your way
> with this prototyping thing, we may all feel this way in a few months.
> (Okay, probably not.)

If that happens, I think we'd scrap the current plans and refocus on
simply rewriting the internals.  But I think that removing global
warts and historical functions will be enough of an incentive to see
perl6 persist as a language *and* internals change.

Thanks for your comments.  I've updated the web pages.


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