There's been a lot of discussion lately on -meta which implies that the
RFC/brainstorming process has gotten out of control.  I personally think
that it's going exactly as it should, and I've seen little to worry
about, which is why I've been fairly hands-off apart from trying to get
some process-related things sorted out.

With regard to the "what's going on on -language" (supposedly) weekly 
report, I find this very difficult to do, because there really is an
awful lot going on.  So, I guess my report is:

Discussion proceedeth apace.  Many RFCs.  Most RFCs are redrafting
towards being either frozen or withdrawn.  The sublists seem to be
chugging along adequately.  No particularly vitriolic flamewars have
erupted.  Traffic is more or less manageable, at about 50 posts a day on
the main -language list and less on each sublist.

However, the September 30 deadline is approaching, and I'm going to
start trying to move towards wrap-up.  This means chasing down RFCs
which haven't been resubmitted lately, and helping others move towards
"Frozen" or "Withdrawn".

Nathan Wiger has raised some issues regarding conflicting RFCs on
similar topics (eg subroutine prototypes) which, ideally, should be
redrafted so that one is "Frozen" in a state which represents the WG (or
the sub-group) consensus, and the others are "Withdrawn".  It will be
interesting to see if this can be achieved.


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