With the deadline for new RFCs fast approaching I've got a couple or
three RFCs that I won't have time to get properly written in the time
available, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

Therefore, I propose that we be allowed to submit RFC prototypes of
the form:

    =head1 TITLE

    RFC prototypes

    =head1 MAINTAINER

    The usual stuff with 'status' set to 'prototype'

    =head1 SUMMARY

    Cut down RFC prototypes/sketches should be accepted, subject to a
    'proper' RFC being submitted within (say) two weeks.

The idea here is to allow people to get ideas on the lists in a rough
form where they can get some initial comments (which may blow the
'real' RFC out of the water...). There should be some very strict
rules about how soon the 'real' RFC arrives though.


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