Simon Cozens writes:
> I know, I know, but someone has to push things to a conclusion or the talking
> will never stop. 
> There'll *always* be more worthy ideas. Do we suspend coding indefinitely?

I'd already started the discussion moving towards closing down the RFC
process, in an earlier message to perl6-meta.  Some of the list chairs
have begun to wind things up, and others are about to be prodded to do

This discussion cannot continue indefinitely.  It will not continue
indefinitely.  If I have to edit the list server configuration
myself, it will stop :-)

> "Compile external comments" is a hugely cryptic phrase, but I suspect that
> refers to the public RFC process, doesn't it?

Nope, that cryptic phrase refers to gathering comments from people who
use Perl but aren't able to participate in the discussions.  You know,
regular users instead of we enamored hackers.

Dick Hardt was supposed to be doing this, but didn't.  Adam Turoff gave
me feedback that basically boiled down to "they want less nasty syntax
for references, and a simpler XS".  That seems to be about it from them.

So earlier this month I solicited ideas from comp.lang.perl.misc, some
of which have become RFCs.  I also acquired Ed's list of peoples'
gripes with perl5, and have been RFCing things that haven't already
been RFCed.  I'm planning to post the remaining gripes that I don't
have solutions for, just to get them formalized.

>     language spec draft Oct 14, 2000
> he chews over it all and comes back with a draft language spec.

Yup.  So we're going to wind down the lists at the start of the month,
terminating the RFC process, and let him chew it over like a camel with
a particularly leathery cud.

> Did someone schedule the YAPC::Europe meeting? I asked about it here
> and on the Y::E mailing list, but it still doesn't appear on the
> schedule which is on the web page.
Nobody has yet scheduled a Y::E meeting.  So I'll do it.

Let's have a lunchtime meeting on Saturday.  We'll declare one or more
lunch tables our own (if there are lunch tables, if not we'll annex
some general seating space).  We can scout locations on Friday and
have Brian announce it at the perl6 talk before lunch on Saturday,
possibly post the location to a noticeboard, if there will be one.

How's that for a plan?


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