In order to trim the large number of RFCs that have not been updated in
many weeks, yet are still "in development", I've prepared a report
of which RFCs are most overdue.

Here is the current status, broken down by group:

   Report generated: Tue Sep 19 07:06:51 2000 GMT
     * perl6-language: 60 RFCs overdue
     * perl6-internals: 18 RFCs overdue
     * perl6-language-data: 12 RFCs overdue
     * perl6-language-subs: 9 RFCs overdue
     * perl6-language-flow: 8 RFCs overdue
     * perl6-language-regex: 8 RFCs overdue
     * perl6-language-objects: 7 RFCs overdue
     * perl6-language-io: 6 RFCs overdue
     * perl-qa: 3 RFCs overdue
     * bootstrap: 1 RFCs overdue
     * perl6-language-errors: 1 RFCs overdue
     * perl6-language-strict: 1 RFCs overdue

For the purposes of this report, "overdue" is any RFC that has
not been modified in the last seven days.  Any RFC that has not
been modified in the last fourteen days is highlighted in red.
The most overdue RFCs are shown first.

Each working group has its own page, listing details for each
"overdue" RFC.

If you want to take your name off these lists, you know what to do.


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