All RFCs must fall into one of three status categories:
        Developing (RFC is incomplete; commments requested)
        Frozen     (Comments received; nothing more to say)
        Retracted  (Comments received; author is removing idea from

(NB: 'Retracted' has many spellings, including 'Retired' and 'Withdrawn'.)

As the Perl6 process evolves, other statuses may be created as needed.

The idea-gathering phase of Perl6 needs to be wrapped up before
the moritorium on RFC submissions.  Therefore, I want to encourage
RFC authors to move their submissions into a 'Frozen' or 'Retracted' state.

"Frozen" does not necessarily imply "shall never be updated again", but
rather "discussion has ended, and there doesn't seem to be anything
more to say on this topic".

Note that Frozen RFCs may be updated, so long as those updates
are minor changes, such as clarifying existing points, or adding
relevant references (other RFCs/mail messages/URLs).  

Major changes to frozen RFCs will be rejected or force the RFC
back into a status of "Developing", in order to discuss those
major changes.


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