Bradley M. Kuhn writes:
> It seems to me that the perl6-internals, perl6-qa, and perl6-licenses groups
> should be able to produce additional RFCs after this.  Of course, the
> Language will be frozen, but these three groups may need to remain fluid
> after the 14 October 2000 annoucement.

I think perl6-licenses should start to move towards a decision after
the 14th.  Find something that there's a rough consensus for, write up
the pro-s and con-s, then give it to Larry.

I think -qa should continue.  I don't know about RFCs, though.  I
think we'll need some way to separate the brainstorming RFCs on
language from the methodology RFCs on -qa.  I see QA having a strong
say in how we develop the software: reviews, test cases, and so on.

I'm still thinking about how best to encode the -qa group's output.

I have no objection to -internals remaining.  I think their discussion
will probably take off more after Larry's announcement.


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