John Porter wrote:
> RFCs like "330: Global dynamic variables should remain the
> default" should not need to be written!  (No disrespect to you,
> Nate.)

None taken; I actually agree. Unfortunately, I thought that -strict did
nowhere near enough analysis of scoping issues besides the initial
strict vs. no strict flamewars. I was actually trying to spark new
debate with that RFC, but nobody was interested. Too bad.

And this is no disrespect to J. David, in turn, who authored a couple
other -strict RFC's. Both he and I discussed stuff offline and were
upset by the seeming lack of interest. I suspect that the sublist
actually did a disservice here; this might have been an instance where
posting it to the main list would have been better.

Which leads to a question: Do we have too many sublists? Or too few? Or
is it just right? I think having -objects, -subs, -regex, and -data have
all been very helpful. However, I wonder if the others couldn't be
consolidated? Perhaps -io and -flow should become one? Perhaps -errors
and -strict should just be discarded? Input?


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