Dan Sugalski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> At 07:09 PM 10/10/00 -0600, Nathan Torkington wrote:
> >Dan Sugalski writes:
> > > "General consensus" is best, but that can't be guaranteed. "Consensus of
> > > the ruling council" is more attainable, but there's that whole "ruling
> > > council" thing to contend with. "What Larry says" is best, but what happens
> > > if he doesn't, or gets hit by a bus at some point?
> >
> >In terms of ongoing maintenance, I'd say that the teams will act as
> >the Ruling Council.  When teams get pissed off with the release
> >manager, then the leader will have to go.  When members of a team
> >can't work together, then the release manager works with them to
> >figure out where the problem is and fix it.  This might be everything
> >from "play nice" to hiring a hitman :-)
> Works. We still have those Quantum Ninja that we're holding in reserve for
> Damian... :)

Yeah, but be careful, he could pull and Egan on them and Cantor Dust
'em off.


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