On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, David Grove wrote:

> Censorship, the type the I've opposed in the Perl community, is that which
> provides the benefit of false impressions (a.k.a. marketing by fraud by
> ommission of the truth) for the procurement of the almighty dollar.
> I'm not suggesting censorship. I'm questioning O'Reilly's position.

        With all due respect, David, that's not what censorship
means.  Censorship is simply the act of deleting material which is
considered, in the judgement of the censor, sensitive or harmful.  It has
nothing NECESSARILY to do with the almighty dollar, and stating that it
does is simply clouding the issue.

        This thread has gone on for a long time, and is starting to repeat
itself...could we please let it go?

                                Dave Storrs

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