this is a little off-topic, so PLEASE answer privately; I'll sum up
in a day or three.

I'm getting a new box to replace the current hardware running
tmtowtdi.perl.org (perl and cpan.org mail, ftp.perl.org,
www.cpan.org and other stuff), so I need a Perlish name for it.
Reusing the same name will introduce more trouble than I have time
for, so I need a new name so I can start moving services over.

Send suggestions to [EMAIL PROTECTED] A name we'll use will be awarded
with 2 years FREE subscription to as many of the public @perl.org
mailinglists as (s)he wants!


 - ask

ps. impatience, laziness and hubris are not cool names since we're
    already using those at ValueClick (or we did in the past) :)

ask bjoern hansen - <http://www.netcetera.dk/~ask/>

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