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Dave Storrs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

 > I've tried to snip as much as possible without fouling up
 > attributions.  If I failed, my apologies.
 > On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Dan Sugalski wrote:
 > > >At 11:47 AM 11-30-2000 -0500, Bryan C. Warnock wrote:
 >   [ there a place where Perl Apprentice-wannabes can sign up with
 > Perl Master...?]
 > > Not at the moment, at least not formally. Want to set something up?
 > > yes, I'm serious. A good master/apprentice thing would help a lot of
 > folks,
 > > I think)
 > I would be very interested in an apprenticeship, if such a thing were
 > be set up--and I'd be willing to help set up the infrastructure.
 > However, we should move carefully, because it could be a very good
 > or a very harmful thing depending on how we implement it.
 > So, are other people actually interested in this, at least enough to
 > a new thread on it?
 > Dave Storrs

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