If anyone's not familiar, a daily build and smoke test is the practice
of building the entire system and running its tests every night to see
if anything was broken durning the day's work.  Turn it on, see if it
smokes.  This reduces the scope of bugs and keeps things from
festering.  You know the bug was caused within the last day.

[EMAIL PROTECTED] is our smoking lounge.  Its where people can
volunteer machines and clock ticks for running the test, ask for
infomration about getting involved, report failures and discuss how to
run the test better.

If you've got a machine with some spare CPU ticks, and RC5 has gotten
old, step forward.  The weirder the setup the better.

for help).  Archive is at http:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/

Michael G Schwern   <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>   http://www.pobox.com/~schwern/
Perl6 Quality Assurance     <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>       Kwalitee Is Job One

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