To date, I've received a whopping zero comments on PDD 0, the defining 
document for the PDD process.  

That means one of five things: 
http:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg01126.html

Surely, if the name of a mailing list can generate so much traffic, then 
someone must have something to say, no?  I'm not in *that* many people's 
killfile, am I?

Nat, Dan: PDD 0 is also still at the Proposed level (even though it was 
assigned a number).  Is it at least good enough to bump to Developing?

Dan, Dave Mitchell: your PDDs also list the PDD Format as 1.  Until PDD 0 
is accepted, the Format should also be 0.  (Unless that's something that 
needs to be tweaked in PDD 0's Implementation section.)

Bryan C. Warnock

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