* Adam Turoff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [05/10/2001 15:20]:
> Yes, it has, in Apocolypse 1:
>     Perl 6 must assume it is being fed Perl 5 code until it knows otherwise. 
>     http://www.perl.com/pub/2001/04/02/wall.html

Yup, I saw that - actually, the discussion I was referencing was
post-Apocalypse 1.  There was some dispute over whether or not the 
above statement meant p6 should eat p5 code or whether it would just
assume certain policies against it.

> The current thinking is that much of the Perl parser will be written in 
> Perl.  At that point, if the Perl6 language definition doesn't see
> any Perl6 constructs, it can switch itself out and plug in a piece of Perl 
> code that parses the Perl5 language instead.
> So the last ditch effort to run old code through p52p6 is truly a 
> last ditch effort.

Very cool.


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