On Mon, May 14, 2001 at 01:15:09PM +0100, Michael G Schwern wrote:
>     "The general tendency is to over-design the second system, using all
>      the ideas and frills that were cautiously sidetracked on the first
>      one.  The result ... is a 'big pile'."
>             -- Fred Brooks Jr, "The Mythical Man-Month" p 55

This is, however, the sixth system. It's just that most of the people
doing the sidetracking haven't thought much about the first four.
Maybe even the first five.

"If you do not wish your beer to be served without the traditional head,
please ask for a top-up". With the subtext: "Your traditional head will 
then exit via the traditional window. Arsehole".
    - Mark Dickerson

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