On Fri, May 18, 2001 at 11:24:45AM -0400, Stephen P. Potter wrote:
> You are also saying that OOP is now required, because many/most CPAN
> modules use OOP.

This is a piece of FUD along the lines of "inline POD slows code down"
that keeps people fearful of CPAN and I'd really rather see die.  To
*use* OO code is a much different (and smaller) beast than *designing*
OO code.

For most OO CPAN modules, about all you need to know about OO is the
syntax of calling a method.  This should be obvious just from reading
the module docs (assuming its well-documented).  In all other respects
it works just like its functional equivelent.  There are exceptions
(such as LWP) but most have simple wrappers (LWP::Simple) and who's to
say their function-oriented equivalents would be any less complex?

Sean Burke wrote up an excellent article about OO for module users
which I thought was on perl.com but I can't find at the moment.  Maybe
it was in TPJ.


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