Chip Salzenberg writes:
 > According to Jarkko Hietaniemi:
 > > The only clean way I see out of the locale mess is to replace them
 > > with a clean *Perl-specific* API ...
 > I'll do you one better:

I like being bested like this.

 > We create Locales The Way They Should Have Been as a library with
 > complete bindings for at least C, C++, Perl, Java, and (your favorite
 > language here).  I'm sure that some existing project has something we

..., Python, Tcl, at least.

 > could build.  Perl can be the primary guinea pig.
 > Then comes the good part: We release the library.  It becomes a de
 > facto standard throughout the software world.  We thus eradicate the
 > horror of ANSI locales from the collective memory of the net.
 > "To dream the impossible dream...."

I'm all for this, if somebody just gives me 30 extra hours for each day
to work on it.

 > PS: It's been done once before, with time zones.

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