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Changes in topaz 0.11:

        * Organize code into subdirectories:
                mem     Memory management etc.
                val     Value and derivations
                op      Opcodes etc.
                int     Interpreter etc.
                tools   scripts

        * Rename all FooPtr -> Foo_p, ConstFooPtr -> const_Foo_p.
        * Create Counted_p_ref<> by analogy with auto_ptr_ref<>, designed
          for return-by-value.  Its contained pointer is always stolen.
          The intent is to reduce ref thrashing.
        * Likewise Buffer_ref vs. Buffer.

        * New stuff in mem:
                HashMisc:  misc support for hash functions
                HashTable: low-level hash table support
                HashSet:   generic container based on HashTable<>

        * Defined/undefined isn't really a universal concept, so it's no
          longer part of the Value interface.

        * Rationalize array/hash interface.  All methods must be specific
          to arrays or hashes; otherwise, we can't tell if a reference is
          of appropriate type or not.
        * Hashes no longer contain default iterators.  This change will
          will require a bit of language support, but Larry sez it'll
          probably work, and that's good enough for me.

        * FatHash is now implemented with our own HashSet<> template
          instead of the more general (and higher-overhead) map<>.

        * New class: Stash, a specialized container of Globs that acts
          like a Hash when it has to.  (Also: GlobProxyScalar.)

        * Interpreter's methods are now mostly friends, for convenience.

        * Code class is now general for all functions, user-defined or
          not.  (Otherwise, you can't redefine a user sub with an XSUB or
          vice versa.)  All user-sub-specific intelligence is in
          UserCodeBody, derived from the new abstract base Code::Body.


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