> Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 00:04:55 -0700
> From: Chip Salzenberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Bowing to popular demand.  The release notes are below.  For
> instructions on using SourceForge's CVS servers for Topaz, see:
>   <URL:https://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=1020>
> Share & Enjoy!

Excellent!  Thanks.  I think that I will learn more about Perl 5 from
reading Topaz's header files than I did from reading Perl 5's header

> PS: We could use a little more sophisticated Makefile system....

OK, well how about some design specs first.  Is there anything
salvageable in Configure and hints/?  Is one to assume Unixy sh or
microperl?  Automake/Autoconf can do a lot for us, but maybe not
enough (does it have standard tests for C++ features?).  Would you
agree that build dir != src dir capability is a requirement?  How
about cross-compilation?

>       * Rationalize array/hash interface.  All methods must be specific
>         to arrays or hashes; otherwise, we can't tell if a reference is
>         of appropriate type or not.

Good.  Why not use a consistent naming convention; for example:

     // Array-specific:
-            void clear_array()                 { set_array_size(0); }
-    virtual void set_array_size(size_t n)      { array_only(); }
+            void array_clear()                 { array_set_size(0); }
+    virtual void array_set_size(size_t n)      { array_only(); }
     virtual void array_assign_simple(size_t n, Scalar_p *vec);
     // Hash-specific:
-    virtual void clear_hash();
-    virtual void set_hash_capacity(size_t n);
+    virtual void hash_clear();
+    virtual void hash_set_capacity(size_t n);
     virtual void hash_assign_simple(size_t n, Scalar_p *vec);


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