According to Jarkko Hietaniemi:
> I'll cast my vote for Cons, too.

And some voters are more equal than others.

> Let's be as deeply committed to Perl as we possibly can, that way we
> can make our own rules, instead of having to bend over backwards,
> while juggling a chainsaw, an electric eel, and a blowtorch.

"Chainsaw?  Luxury!  When I started, I had to write configuration
programs for CP/M in PL/I-80!"

I think we'll still want to keep a minimal makefile around for the
very very first steps required to build microperl.  Then we're off!

> ... not even to spit at the general direction of GNU
> configure/automake [...]

I shall waste none of my precious bodily fluids in so foolish an
endeavor.  The GNU build tools are, by and large, awful.  GNU make
is pretty good, but the rest are recycling fodder.

> And yes, I would make building out of the source directory a
> requirement.

You mean, 'building outside of the source dir'?  If so, three cheers.
I'm in the habit of keeping sources in /u/src/foo/bar and building in
/u/build/foo/bar with symlink /u/build/foo/bar/SRC -> /u/src/foo/bar.
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