On Tue, Aug 08, 2000 at 02:22:20PM -0500, Garrett Goebel wrote:
> What's the conventional wisdom on creating a module that supports both an OO
> and non-OO interface? Are there any CORE or CPAN modules to serve as a
> textbook, or is the anwser "Don't do that"? 
> I've got some code that checks the first parameter passed to see if it is a
> reference, assumes any reference is an object reference... and then proceeds
> accordingly. -It feels pretty sloppy, but it works.

I don't think there's conventionial wisdom to doing this, it depends
entirely on your application.  The problem is that if you're using OO you
have a nice little reference implicitly passed around that you can store
state information and such in.  It's difficult to move this over to a purely
procedural design, unless your application allows for it in some way.

If you can manage it intelligently, the answer is most definitely "do

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