On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 06:37:26AM -0600, Tom Christiansen wrote:
> >> Alongside giving consistent APIs I think perl6 should also give consistent
> >> documentation format.
> >Are there any proposals to add per-argument markup to POD so that these
> >could be generated automatically? (Even in the 'locally preferred style'
> >if necessary).
> If people are already not following a model now, that won't change matters.


IMO, perl6 should attempt to set a good model for it's own module APIs and
documentation. It should then be backed with a statement like

  "If you want any module to be included in the perl distribution it shall
   follow the same model"

This should help to maintain a good perception of perl moving forward.

It may also have a side effect of improving CPAN as I feel many authors
will follow it anyway, just on the off chance people like thier code
and want it included in the perl distribution.

Of course how much we can do with the APIs depends on what Larry does with
the langauge. If he adds the ability to have several versions of the
same module loaded, we may be able to some thin compatbilty modules or
something. But as I said, it all depends and there is plenty of time
to discuss that once we know what Larry is doing with the language.


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