At 09:19 AM 9/13/00 -0700, I wrote:
>At 10:38 AM 9/13/00 -0400, John Porter wrote:
>> > 2.  Allowing $/ (or its successor, perhaps set on a per-filehandle
>> > basis) to be a regular expression, not a string.  (Surely there's an RFC
>> > on that somewhere.)
>>This is a good idea too, and should probably be considered independently.
>*Applause*  There is no RFC on it unless it is hopelessly mistitled.  This 
>is something I've wanted for a long time.  Someone working on the RFC?

Actually the RFC isn't hopelessly mistitled; it's RFC 93, "Regex: Support 
for incremental pattern matching".  It has everything in there, it just 
might benefit from explicitly saying, "This is how people who want $/ to be 
a regex can get what they want" even though it may not be called $/ in Perl 6.
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