Some random thoughts on versions:
   1.> One should not be able to install Alpha and Beta modules into the
standard library path without SPECIFICALLY indicating it (--INSTALLBETA). If
the option isn't given, then it installs the module in ./blib/ ('use blib').
   2.> 'use strict' and '-w' should warn or die upon encountering an Alpha or
Beta module. Also, 'use blibs' is a die under 'use strict' or '-w'.
   3.> Maybe there could be a 'use namedlibs LibName' pragma, that would allow
configuring a named set of module versions for inclusion that would specify the
specific versions of each module to 'use'. I'm still working it out in my head,
but if I can come up with a workable scheme (and I'm not sure I can), I'll post
Grant M.

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