On Mon, 2002-06-17 at 16:10, Luke Palmer wrote:

> > So, in order for me to avoid learning Java, I propose
> > that a CPAN "Curation Project", or an Extended
> > Standard Perl Library",  be formed.  
> Or, Standard Extended Library of Perl. SELP is more pronouncable than 
> ESPL.  SELF is better than ESPN, too.

Oh heck, you just had to get into the acronym thing....

    PLEASE -- Perl Language Extensions And Standard Exportables
    SPELL -- Standard Perl Extension Library :)
    LiSP -- Library of Standard Perl :-)
    ALPHA -- Annotated Library of Perl Heuristics and Algorithms
    PASCAL -- Perl Access to Standard Code And Libraries

Must... stop... acronyms... addictive!

> I like CPAN the way it is too. I reiterate, though, that the heirarchy 
> structure needs to be more strict and sensible.

Yeah, I like it a lot. There does need to be a "core" vs "standard
library" vs "supported" vs "contributed" vs "unsupported" distinction
(some of those may or may not be the same) though.

I'd respond to the rest, but I think that pretty much sums up my
feelings on the rest of your message too.

> CHELP - Community of Hackers of the Extended Library of Perl. Forgive me, 
> I'm in an odd mood.

Oh no you don't I'm better now... really.

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