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> From: Amir E. Aharoni
> Is there a perl6-user-doc wiki?
> It might be a great way to write documentation.
> Free collaborative documentation for a free collaborative language -
> what could be better?

I'd certainly help supply content for such an effort. (See FAQ link below.)

By the way, the doc links that you (and the person you previously quoted)
supplied are now in the latest Perl 6 Users FAQ. :-)

Check out this thread on perl.perl6.language for a related discussion:

  RFC: Community education page

But here is another idea that might be easier to do without setting up a
wiki. Currently the SVN directories for Pugs (containing the latest Perl 6
docs) are mirrored somewhere on Perhaps an interim "virtual
semi-wiki-ized" branch could be set up, with HTML links done in such a way
that both mirrored docs and installed docs would cross-link correctly. 

One page of the documentation could have instructions for how to get a
commit bit, how to use SVN, and how to use POD stuff to generate uniformly
formatted HTML pages, and how to use the appropriate relative links. Once
you got set up, it should be fairly easy to contribute documentation.

Maybe something similar could be done through CPAN. 

In any case, it would be nice to do things in a way that would ultimately
contribute to a systematic core set of Perl 6 documentation, versus creating
a separate documentation fork, as it were. 

(A common systematic structure would also be helpful for refactoring into a
fine-grained Perl 6 Cookbook and Perl 6 language Q & A reference, which in
turn would be useful for augmenting advanced Perl 6 IDEs.)

Best regards,
Conrad Schneiker (Nano-electron beam technology.)

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