I was googling around, looking for the most suitable Perl Wiki for a
possible addition of a Perl 6 section, and happened across this site:

    Perl 6 Wiki: (http://perl.net.au/wiki/Perl_6).

Their posted policies, FAQ, and (http://perl.net.au/wiki/PerlNet:About),
seem to be very favorably inclined to serving the purposes of recent Perl 6
Wiki proposals made on comp.perl6.lang and comp.perl6.users. (I've cc'd
their contact on this note.)

If previous Perl 6 Wiki proponents are OK with this site, then we could
perhaps post a note on comp.perl6.announce about it, and informally
encourage people to make use of it for the time being. 

(And of course, I've already added the above Perl 6 Wiki link to the Perl 6
Users FAQ.)

Best regards,
Conrad Schneiker

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