Hi Conrad,

It's only an issue of coordination and findability. But that question
depends on what the intended purpose of the wiki would be. For example
there is nothing stopping anyone (including members of this list) from
creating and populating pages on www.wikipedia.org about Perl6 and
this user group. Then those pages would be available to the wikipedia
search engine. <--- Insert any other popular wiki there.

If, however, it is meant for mailing-list specific issues then only we
need to be able to easily find and search it, so there is no issue.
And of course with the ominipresence of google, finding and searching
is always becoming less of a problem.

What would be annoying though is to invest work in a "perl 6 wiki"
that is only one of many "perl 6 wikis" and with no coordination of
efforts between them. (is there an official "perl 6 user's wiki" or
will there be, or is that a different question?)


On 24/05/06, Conrad Schneiker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> From: Michael Mathews
> I for one, think a Perl6-users wiki would be extremely useful, I'm
> just not sure why a site that distinguishes itself as "a portal for
> the Australian and New Zealand Perl community" makes the most sense

I was only thinking of the availability of an existing Perl 6 Wiki, not the
site as such.

> (particularly to anyone trying to find the Perl6-users wiki from
> outside this mailing list).

My guess is that that's a pretty much location-independent problem, unless
(for examples), (1) you get perl.org to host a Perl 6 users wiki, (2) you
get perl.org and allied sites to put a prominent link to it on their main
Perl 6 pages, and so on.

> Okay, New Zealand and Australia have "parrots" but the connection is a
> stretch. Isn't Larry and/or Damian from Australia? Maybe that's the
> connection?

The only connection was that it turned up fairly high on the list when I
googled for "perl6" and "wiki".

(However: "Damian Conway holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and is an
Honorary Associate Professor with the School of Computer
Science and Software Engineering at Monash University,
Melbourne, Australia.")

> I'm just askin'...


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