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On 5/26/06, Dr.Ruud <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Not really. Think about a Cobol-to-Parrot translator. You could for
>> example use Perl (glue) to add GUI stuff to old Cobol programs.

Ocassionally I have this dream of having a Cobol-to-Parrot compiler and being
able to go into these huge financial institutions with a solution on how to add
GUI to Cobol, or just how to make it a lot easier to add more features
but then I wake up.

One of the reasons these companies still use Cobol is that they are afraid
of anything new.
They want a reliable (read blame-able, sue-able) company to provide
for their hardware, OS and Cobol compiler. Unless they are forced (eg.
by SWIFT) they
won't leave their current setup.

Even if another reliable (read as above) supplier comes along IMHO their
sales people would have tough time to convince the company to switch.

IMHO - and I really saw only a few such companies - these companies have 0
automatic tests so it would cost them a lot of time and money to test their
application on the new and shiny Cobol compiler.


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