On a related note, if anyone does want to build a P6 Wiki, you might consider 
building it on top of WWW::Kontent (http://search.cpan.org/dist/WWW-Kontent/), 
a Perl6 CMS (Content Management System) that BrentDax wrote. 

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G'day Everyone,

I'm very glad to have finally subscribed to the P6 users list after a couple of
weeks of travel and intermittent network access, and so I apologise that this
message may not be properly threaded.  This is both a note of introduction and a
few words on the recent discussion about the P6 wiki ideas.

For those of you whom I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, I run Perl
Training Australia ( http://perltraining.com.au/ ), am the secretary of
Melbourne Perl Mongers, and speak whenever I get the chance at many of the
Australian conferences and user-groups.  I'm regularly asked about Perl 6, and I
often show it off to enthusiastic students during lunch breaks.  I'm also one of
the admins of PerlNet ( http://perl.net.au/ ), which brings us nicely to the
talk of P6 wikis.

I love the idea of the P6 wiki being written in P6, I think it's a fantastic
idea.  However I'm also aware that there are no P6 wiki implementations yet, and
it will probably take some time to get one running.  So can we have our cake and
eat it too?  I believe the answer is yes.

I can't see any problems with using an existing wiki, be it Feather, or PerlNet,
or any other wiki, with the intention to migrate the content to a P6-in-P6 wiki
when such becomes available.  The main thing to be careful of is ensuring that
people are aware of the migration plans, and that there are no license problems.
 The last thing we want are social or legal barriers to migrating content.

I do agree with Jured's sentiments that requiring the P6 wiki to support the
kitchen sink will make migration more difficult, and so that simplicity in
mark-up for any interim wiki is a good thing.

In the meantime, if anyone does want to use perl.net.au for any P6 (or Perl in
general), you should feel very encouraged to do so, even if it's with the
intention of migrating that content in the future.



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