Whack number two. I *think* I've implemented URI decoding, with
Juerd's help. I don't know how my hackish code will manage with
various flavours of UTF (especially wide characters) but I'll leave
that until it proves to be a problem. This works with my install of
pugs. I still have some TODOs, if anyone wants to have a go...


print "content-type: text/html\n\n";
my %q = ();
my @q = split '&', %ENV.{'QUERY_STRING'};

for (@q) {
        my ($n, $v) = split '=', $_;
        #TODO: handle multiple values and same key
        %q.{decode($n)} = decode($v);

for (%q.keys) { say $_, " => ", %q.{$_}, "<br>"; }

sub decode($input is rw) {
        #TODO: handle wide characters?
        $input ~~ s:Perl5:g/\+/ /;
        $input ~~ s:Perl5:g/%(..)/{chr(:16["0x$0"])}/;
        return $input;


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